WordPress migration to HubSpot CMS

Help us to migrate you from Wordpress to Hubspot.

  1. Can you please send us a high-resolution version of the logo in SVG?
  2. Can you please share with us branding guidelines? Or let us know colour codes, fonts and styles?
  3. Can you please provide us with high-resolution image files?
  4. Are you using a naming convention for images?
  5. Have you given us access to this Hubspot account?
  6. Have you given us access to the WordPress site?
  7. Have you provided a sitemap with page titles and URLs?
  8. Do you need us to build system pages? If yes, which ones do you need us to build?
  9. Are there any specific pages that need changes?
  10. Do you want us to take care of the redirection of URLs?
  11. Do you need us to migrate the blog?
  12. Below you will find listed the standard screen resolutions we test, if you want us to test a different one, please specify:
    • 1920×1080 (Large Desktop)
    • 1366×768 (Desktop)
    • 768×1024 (Tablet)
    • 414×816 (Mobile)