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When something is Broken or there is a Problem

This is a generic explanation as to how to get something addressed if you notice something is broken. Lets get you fixed up.

Sometimes you might not have an idea or something you want to see improved. You might have something that is not working that needs to be FIXED. We need to know about this right away so we can get it addressed. 

THIS IS A PROBLEM.  First record a loom video demonstrating the problem then Copy the steps below into a service ticket, and answer the questions. Do it Now! 

1. What is the software that needs to be addressed? (Hubspot, Podio, Monday) 
2. What is the specific Trigger that you normally start with? What button do you push? What text do you enter?  We want to try to Re-CREATE the problem in our diagnosis. 

3. What was the customer name, deal, account, or project that you found this error in. List multiple names if possible so we can try to see what you did. 

4. What did you notice? What didn't happen? What happened that was not supposed to? 

5. If you found a "work- around" what was it? 

Important things to note, make sure we have access to any softwares that you need us to work on.  If you have not done so already PLEASE ADD US AS AN ADMIN.

We now have a team account that you can set up to save on user fees and allow continuity over years as we have team members leave and come back. 

Username: RBPTeam@roofingbuisnesspartner.com or RBPteam 
Password: RBPteam21!

Thank you!