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What objective is right for my social media ad?

Conversion, Engagement, or Awareness... We'll explain them here

 Let's break down the options so you can choose the one that's right for the Solar or Roofing ad that you want to change your businesses lead flow! 

Option 1: Conversion
If your goal is for the reader to LEAVE the ad and GO to your landing page (website, or messaging service) then Conversion is the objective for you!

Popular call-to-action options for Conversion ads include: Learn More, Send Message, & Book Now.

Option 2: Engagement
If your goal is for readers to Like Comment and Share interact with your ad choose Engagement for your objective. 

Engagement ads generally don’t contain a call-to-action button. They are designed to encourage engagement and build your brand presence. We want them to look as close to an organic post that a friend or family member posted to their personal facebook, not an ad. 

Option 3: Awareness
If your goal is to plant a seed in your audience’s mind…get your brand name out there, share a core idea or value, maybe even point out a problem with the industry…then Awareness is the objective that will perform best.

Awareness ads do NOT ask for action to be taken, but may contain a link for interested readers to learn more.