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What do I put in the creative brief?

Here are our top tips for filling out a strong creative brief!

What's the key to getting great creative copy from our team of professional writers? A strong creative brief. Every Ad needs a Creative Brief.

No matter how many ads our copywriters do, they’re not mind readers! They never will be. 

Here are some brief tips to help us, help you!

  1. Give us the big picture.
    We need to know what you might take for granted. For example: What roofing product new roofing service or company highlight are you promoting with this ad? What do you want the reader to do after they see the ad? What is makes your product/service/business stand out from the rest of the roofing crowd?

  2. Who are you talking to?
    This might be the most important part of your brief! Who are the team writing this Ad for? An Ad for a 55-year-old accountant in Perth, Australia has to be written differently than an Ad for a 23-year-old influencer in Texas, United States, right? What’s their age, interests, hobbies, etc. We love meeting them through your Creative Brief and speaking to them through our words.

  3. Keep it on a need to know basis.
    Detailed, important, necessary information for your ad copy writer to complete your Ad...all good stuff. But, a brief that's longer than Gone with the Wind is not recommended. Ever read a menu that's so long you forgot what you were interested in ordering six pages ago? A (short...or should we say brief), but specific, creative brief gives your writer the tools they need to succeed.

  4. Link it up!
    Directing traffic from an ad to a landing page? Share the link, please! Is the landing page short? Maybe throw in a link to your company or product main page. Don't have a website? Connect us to the Facebook page! This makes it easy for our creative brains to dig a little deeper, if needed, without delaying your order.

Keep in mind we are not responsible for the success of your ad, the only person who can be responsible is the person who knows your customer best. So provide us with the details we need and I am sure you will have a great chance of meeting new customers and motivating them to do with business with your Roofing & Solar company.