What should I put in my Introduction?

Great writing is meant to be understood, great copywriting is meant to understand. An introduction from the owner allows your Ideal Buyer Persona to feel heard and understood. Here are our top tips for filling out a strong creative brief!


You'll need to get people to feel, think, or ENGAGE. This initial engagement early on in the proposal is paramount to the success and building curiosity BEFORE we get down to numbers.


1. Introduction Letter Style:

  1. Storytelling 
  2. Informational
  3. Direct
  4. Informal

2. How many words will you need?

1. 250 Words (Short and Sweet)
2. 500 Words (I got more to say)
3. 750 Words (Longer is Better!)

3. The ONE thing you want to focus on with your Introduction:

  1. Conversion (Act as a Call to Action to go buy NOW)
  2. Engagement (Encourage your customer to engage and builds your brand presence) 
  3. Awareness (Plant a seed, begin building trust, and point out a problem with the status quo)

4. What Tone or Style would you like to convey?

  1. Match My Brand (Imperative that the source listed below ie. Socials, Website, etc matches your style as well)
  2. Get Super Creative
  3. Meet Me in the Middle (My Brand + Extra Flair)

5. You can mention or promote one focus Material or Service.

Mention the name, product, and service that you want to include

6. The Ideal Customer Avatar for your services?

Share the key attributes of your ideal audience, like their age/sex/location/profession, and even favorite brands or celebrities. Stuck? Describe yourself, what you drive, what you think is essential, and the question customers are not asking but should be. Where you shop and what you look for if you were to buy from a Tradesman.

7. Additional Notes & Details For This Copy.  (In a few detailed paragraphs or less, tell us EVERYTHING we need to know.

This brief goes directly to the Copywriter. It is Integral that if you want it in your letter, it is noted in this brief.


8. Who is this letter going to be from? (Name, Position to Company, Other Roles, etc)