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Project Request using Video

Tired of typing, How about a video? Use Loom or Vidyard

You know the saying "a picture says a thousand words"? 


Well a video can say....a lot more!


Sometimes a video can better a better median to describe a process you are trying to create, or an issue you are having...so yes feel free to send a video when sending a job or asking a questions.

Stay focused on ONE goal. Not a secondary goal, not a future project. Just focus on explaining the one issue you need addressed. 
2. Don't assume we know where to look. Point out the things you want us to see. 
3. When filling out forms, do not worry about your spelling if it's not relevant to the goal. We do not need you correct the name "Testy McTesterson" in your example.

Keep it short: 
However, PLEASE do not record an episode of Gossip Girl, and try to keep them to less than 2 minutes. Stick to the point, and we will take it from there!

How do I record my screen?

1. Vidyard

Take advantage of your Vidyard account with HubSpot and create a quick screen share to walk us through your project details.


2. Loom 

Loom is another free and easy solution:



If you have another preferred method feel free to use.


How do I add to the request?

Simply copy and paste the url of the video into the description.