Playbook Creation with Validation

Use playbooks to fill properties, and a workflow to validate the playbook compliance for deal stage or ticket advancement!

The Power of Playbooks with Validation is almost unparalleled in growing your business consistently. 

Here is a video demonstrating what this can do. 


There is a very specific process to creating this highly advanced Hubspot Feature Set! Please watch the video and follow the instructions below!

  1. Establish the questions you want to ask in the playbook. Use natural language. (See video) 
  2. Determine the answers to be made available. Avoid text if you can! It takes extra work but its worth it in the end. Text means it is very hard to segment and report. 
  3. Identify the correct answers to the questions. This allows us to set up the verification step. 
  4. Let us know the objects the data needs to be populated on, or copied to. 
  5. Let us know the deal stage you want to prevent being moved to without validation. 


From there, we will create the properties on the spreadsheet, and go through the process of creating your playbook and workflows needed to facilitate the data validation. 


Here is the spreadsheet that you will work from. MAKE A COPY and then send to us in your ticket submission. 

Tickets will not have action taken on them without a proper spreadsheet submission.