Pillar pages (Design and Build)

Want us to help you build a pillar page

  1. What is the copy for the pillar page(s)?

  2. If this has images, can you please send these as separate files in high-resolution?

  3. Do you have any references for pages that you like so we can use as inspiration?

  4. Can you please send us a high-resolution logo?

  5. Can you please share with us branding guidelines? Or let us know colour codes, fonts and styles?

  6. Where do you need us to build this?

  7. Do you need us to add any CTAs or forms?

  8. How do you want us to associate this pillar page on the SEO Hubspot tool?

  9. Should we set up the topic clusters? If yes, can you please indicate what these are?

  10. Do you want us to add this pillar page(s) into a specific campaign?

  11. Do you want us to add a pillar page report into your dashboard? If yes, please indicate which dashboard this should be added to.