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Landing Pages (Design + Build + Workflow Follow Up)

Help us build the best landing page for you

  1. Do you need this to be a landing page or a landing page template?

  2. What is the copy for the landing page and thank you page?

  3. If this has images, can you please send these as separate files in high-resolution?

  4. Do you have any references for pages that you like so we can use as inspiration?

  5. Can you please send us a high-resolution logo?

  6. Can you please share with us branding guidelines? Or let us know colour codes, fonts and styles?

  7. Where do you need us to build this? 

  8. Do you have existent content on this Hubspot account?

  9. Can you please send us the PSD files for us to build the landing page and thank you page accordingly?

  10. Should we create the form? Or do you want us to use an existent one? Which one?

  11. What is the purpose of the landing page?

  12. Should we add a file to the Thank you page?

  13. Should we add these assets on a Hubspot campaign?

  14. What is the trigger of the workflow?

  15. What is the goal of the workflow?

  16. How many emails should this include?

  17. Should we build these emails? If yes, which template should we use or what is the structure?

  18. What are the timers between emails?

  19. Who should receive the notifications?

  20. Do you have a map with all the flow? If yes, please share this with us. 

We suggest using https://www.lucidchart.com/