Landing pages

Help us build the landing page which will get you potential customers

  1. Do you need us to design the landing page and the thank you page? 

  2. What is the copy for the landing page and thank you page?

  3. Does the copy have images? If yes, please send these in high-resolution files. 

  4. If this has images, can you please send these as separate files in high-resolution?

  5. Do you have any references for pages that you like so we can use as inspiration?

  6. Can you please send us a high-resolution logo?

  7. Can you please share with us branding guidelines? Or let us know colour codes, fonts and styles?

  8. What files do you need us to send to you? PSD? JPEG? PNG?

  9. Could you send the brand manual with the vector logo (separately from the manual), if you have it?

  10.  At RBP we work with the measures "1920px x the required amount" according to the amount of information. 1920px is the largest format of a wall, so it falls easier to unfold mobile pages (such as telephones or tablets). Can you please indicate if this size is good? Or can you give us the specifics here?

  11. Do you need us to design a Facebook Ad? Or a CTA? What is the copy for this?

  12. Do you have any references for Facebook Ad or CTA so we can use them for inspiration?