Hubspot Portal Audit

A great way to fill time when you have no active tickets is to use an audit to get some ideas! Maximize your subscription with us.

  1. Have you given everyone in your company access to this Hubspot account?

  2. What Hubspot tier is this account on? Are you open to Upgrading

  3. Please tell us about your companies 90 day goals, what are your main objectives? 

  4. Can you describe how you. currently use the CRM, what was the your original objective to acquire Hubspot?

  5. What is the goal of this Audit?

  6. Is there anything specific you need us to take a look at and give you recommendations to improve? 
    Please select:
    * Marketing
    * Sales
    * Contacts
    * Services

  7. If you selected Sales: What are your sales team biggest challenges? What are the bottlenecks that are blocking you to be selling more roofs or solar systems? 

  8. If you selected Marketing: What are your marketing team biggest challenges? Lead quality, data analysis, attribution modes, etc?

  9. If you selected Service: Where are you currently dropping the ball? What kind of customer service issues are your encountering? What is slowing you down? 
  10. What is the question you are trying to answer? What decision are you trying to make based off of the information or use of your CRM? 
  11. Is there any additional information that you consider important for us to know to meet the audit goal?