How long do projects typically take to get completed?

It is important to have reasonable expectations. This article will help you understand the complexity of your request. It is important to remember you can only have one ticket active at any time but you can submit as many as you like!

Response within 1 Business Day

Often we are able to respond to our customers on the same day, however we will always respond within 1 business day.


When you submit a new job request we work to always respond within 1 business day with either:

  1. An estimated date of when we will have it done,
  2. An estimated date and some questions, or
  3. questions that we need answered before we can supply the estimate.

We also work to always respond within 1 business day to any responses or questions you have as we work on your jobs.  


Simple or Complex?

Here is what we estimate based on level of complexity:

  • low: 1-2 business days (broadcasts, quick fix, question ),
  • medium: 2-5 business days (landing page, landing page + workflow, landing page + design + workflow, portal audit, investigation),
  • high: 5-10 business days (requiring more testing, large and complex data migrations, large and complex workflows with interdependencies, 3rd party integrations, ... )


Most all projects for our clients fall into 2-5 business days. The main exception being Hubspot CMS Website builds which typically are 25-35 business days for a 5-15 page website.


HOWEVER those estimates are based on very little time needed to review and/or revise, as well as, sometimes a project is simply huge and will go outside of the 5 business days.

Generally we work to break larger projects into smaller projects, so we can deliver value in shorter iterations, as well as, it typically helps with communication.


#1 though is GIVE yourself time to review and revise!


Did you know We have Example Projects with Estimates?

Here is a great break down of example projects and estimates:

Project Ideas and Estimated Timelines



We hope this helps you with planning and understanding time frames, please feel free to reach out to your account manager if you have ANY questions.