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How do I add, edit, or remove custom sections in a record sidebar?

Users in Professional or Enterprise accounts can also add, edit, remove, and rearrange sections in the record sidebar. You can include a maximum of 30 sections in a sidebar.

Please note: custom sections are not supported in the iOS mobile app. Only the customized About section will appear in the iOS mobile app. If you're using the Android mobile app, both the About section and custom sections are supported.

  • On the Record Customization tab, click Customize the left sidebar or the name of an existing team sidebar.
  • To add a new section, in the right panel, click Add section. In the left panel, enter a name for the section. The name will appear as the section's header in the sidebar.
  • To remove a section, in the right panel, click the section, then click X. The About section cannot be removed.
  • To add a previously created section, click the Saved sections tab, and select the checkbox next to the section's name. Navigate back to the Section editor tab to edit the section's name and properties. You cannot change the About section's name.
  • To rearrange the sections, in the right panel, click the handle and drag it to a new position.
  • Once you've made all your changes, in the upper right, click Save.

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