Do You Guarantee Ad Performance?

Great question! Let's talk about that...

Just as a car dealer can't guarantee you won't smash your car into a tree when you drive it off the lot, we can't guarantee your ad performance due to the many variables around the ad copy itself. Some of those variables are: Audience Targeting, Size Of Audience, Campaign Budget, Ad Offer. If any of these miss the mark, they can greatly impact ad performance.

If your ad isn't performing, our recommendation at this point would be to look at the parameters you've set in your FB Ads Manager and consider testing some different options. (We don't make strategy recommendations, but that's usually a good place to start.) Also, how long has your ad been running? If it's just been a few hours or a few days, it's too soon to tell what the real long-term 

Our founder recommends this article from Neil Patel if you're looking for a starting point to troubleshoot your ad strategy.