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Can I just upload a video instead of filling out a creative brief?

You can use video to help us understand your request? Here's what you need to do!

During our creative brief process we ask for details to help us write your ad. You may be tempted to just give us a link to a video, but that's actually not as helpful as you may think!

Please submit a transcription of the video so that our writers can more accurately (and efficiently) capture your message AND our Q&A team can make sure the writers got it...well, right.

There are really good options for you to use for this:

  • REV - You can get transcription for 25 cents a minute and it's pretty good or $1.25 for perfect accurate transcription. (You can even use public youtube videos!!) You also get $10 free for using this link. The great thing is you can also use REV for subtitles in video content and a translation. Great for communicating with Latino roofing crews! :)