Building Templates in HubSpot

  1. Do you need us to design or will you be providing the design files?
  2. Can you please send us the AI/PSD files or give us access to Figma? Here is how you need to send us the Ai files:
  3. How many templates should we build? And what templates do you need?
  4. Can you please send us a high-resolution logo and images?
  5. Are you using a naming convention for images?
  6. Can you please confirm the color codes and fonts?
  7. Do you have a reference that we can use?
  8. Do you need us to use a name convention for naming these?
  9. Are these templates going to be used in all landing pages or is it to create new pages? If this will be used in landing pages, please let us know how many.
  10. Do we need to update the existing content with this new template?
  11. Below you will find listed the standard screen resolutions we test, if you want us to test a different one, please specify:
    1. 1920×1080 (Large Desktop)
    2. 1366×768 (Desktop)
    3. 768×1024 (Tablet)
    4. 414×816 (Mobile)