Add Reps to my Software

When you are looking to add reps properly help us help you quickly!

Answer the questions below in a ticket submission to help us add them completely in one round. Some software requires certain fields to be filled so if we don't have all this information we will run into a roadblock. This can cause tickets to draw on. 


Was this user already in any software to begin with, is this a promotion or a new addition to the team? 


What Softwares are they going to work on? 


What is the reps first name? 


What is the reps last name? (it's not always clear) 


What is the reps phone number? (many apps use SMS notifications - such as arrive) 


What is the reps email address? 


What user type or permission type or role are they working in? 


What is the reps effective start date? 


Do you have a headshot you want to add? 


Do you have a standard password you want us to give them?