Add a Warranty Type

We use the Warranty Creation Workflow to add warranties to your jobs and deals. Use the following template to request a warranty addition from our team.

First it can be helpful to know what is happening in the background. and how the system creates warranties. 

Warranties are created from the custom object "JOB". So we will need to add the warranty to your dropdown "Warranty Type (to be created)" and that will be what initiates the workflow for warranty creation. 

Here is a video explaining what is happening in the background: 

Creating Warranties Workflow and Overview


You'll see in the video that this can be a very complicated workflow, as the image below only reflects half of the final automation. The creation of terms for material and labor warranties. The labor portion is about equally as big. 


The information you would send in your brief would be the following: 

  • Is this warranty a company liability or manufacturer liability?
  • What is the Warranty Name? 

Naming Convention: 

For Company Liability: "{XX term} Year - {Trade}" 

For Manufacturer Liability: "{Brand} {WarrantyName} {Term}

  • Does this warranty cover Material AND Labor? Or Material only? 
  • What is the term of coverage for Material and Labor? 


From there we will calculate for you the number of days of coverage, and will assume that the warranty CREATE date is the start of coverage. There is a calculated property that will set the expiry date for you automatically.