Ad Copy Request Template

Use this template to submit a Creative Request for an Ad

Below are the questions you need to answer in order to get some ad copy created for you. Please take the time to read this before submitting so you know how to properly answer some of the questions. 


  • Which platform should we Write for? 
    (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Other?) 
  • Is there Anything we CANNOT say or claim in this ad? 
    (ie. Free Roof, No Deductible, Lifetime Shingle Warranty, Solar Credit) 
  • What is your Preference for Ad Length? (Note:Facebook and Instagram ads can be up to 150 words each. Google Ads and LinkedIn ads are written to platform-specific limitations)
    A: Writer can Choose
    B: Short & Snappy (1-2 sentances) 
    C: Medium (usually 75-100 words) 
    D: Longer is better! (up to 150 words) 
  • What is the Objective of this Ad? (read more)
    A: Conversion
    B: Engagement
    C: Awareness
  • What tone or style, would you like for this ad? 
    A: Match my Brand
    B: Get Super Creative 
    C: Something in the Middle (My Brand Style + Extra Flair) 
  • What Product / Service / Company Highlight will this Ad be Promoting? 
    The specific thing do you want your customer to be attracted to. (Free Metal Valleys, Upgrade to Solar, Post Hail Storm damage inspection, $99 roof repair) 
  • What is the Landing Page URL for this Ad?
    (please provide a link for this ad to go to) 
  • Where can we get to know more about this service, product or brand? 
    (send us links, youtube videos, transcribed audio, keep it short and sweet. Tell us the minutes and seconds of the video we need to know, or the page of the pdf you send. Save us time and make sure we "Get it") 
  • Who is the idea client for this ad?
    Share some key attributes from your ideal audience, like their age, sex, location, profession. DO NOT JUST SAY "Home Owners". You can even tell us their favourite brands or celebrities, political affiliations, income levels. Need Help? Use this Tool
  • Additional Notes: Don't rush here. The best outcome will be from taking your time to make sure we understand the goal or outcome of this ad and exactly what you think this customer needs to know in order to make a decision or take the next step. 
  • Anyone else we should send this ad copy to? What is their email?